TTT: Go Float Yourself

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s lovely topic is…fandom freebie. Well, I will be focusing on a show, not a book, but that’s okay. And hey, technically it is a book (but I haven’t read it yet, shhh). But, I will be focusing on The 100.

It won’t just be me though…I will be having the lovely Shannon and Holly join me. We’re making this ten times better though, Shannon will be posting her own topic and Holly will be posting hers, too. We will all have our own agreed number one, then each of us will have three different so 10, duh.

If you want to check out our crack ships then head over to Shannon’s blog It Starts at Midnight and if you want to know what things we would have changed in the show then head over to The Fox’s Hideaway for Holly’s post!

Now, what am I going to be posting? Well, over here on Diving Under the Cover we all will be chatting about characters we wish would go float themselves. AKA characters we wish would have died before the did or would die already. So, beware, spoilers ahead.

Go Float Yourself

1 / RILEY. Shannon, Holly and I all were 100% in tune with choosing Riley as our number one pick for go float yourself. He is a character we all hate and really don’t understand why he hasn’t been killed yet (there were many opportunities to do so). If you don’t know why we don’t like Riley, then I don’t know what to say. It should be pretty obvious.

erica’s picks

2 / HANNAH. Aka Monty’s mom…wow, I just really don’t like her. I wanted to float her ever since we first met her. I knew from the start she was going to be a super big bitch & SURPRISE. I was right. I understand why she stuck with Pike because she came down with him, but still, no excuse. Plus, she tried to make up for her shitty decisions how many times and then still fucked everyone over. Not cool, Hannah, not cool.

3 / CHARLOTTE. I feel bad saying this about her, but you know what? I really don’t. #sorrynotsorry But, she really just pissed me off. I understand what she was going through. Okay, maybe I don’t really, but what she did to Wells, nope. He deserved better. Him and Clarke just patched up their relationship and they deserved more time together. Wells was a fantastic character…he was true to himself and Clarke and that was/is something very rare for this show.

4 / ONTARI. What a raging bitch. I’m sorry, but damn. You go and kill how many little kids…you’re number one on my shit list. You don’t get a pass after that. Honestly, to me, she wasn’t even that good of a character. She let Roan run the show half the time and she just was so boring to me. She deserved to die as soon as she killed those children. She can 1000% go float herself…even though she’s already dead.

shannon’s picks

5/ BREE. Look, I didn’t like the way those nasty bitches treated people in Season 1 when they were screwing Bellamy, and I DEFINITELY am not here for this now. Everyone else is tryiing to save the planet, and she is trying to distract Bellamy? AND steal him from Clarke? Get off my lawn, girl!

6 / CAGE. If he were at least a TINY bit reasonable, he would have been able to comprehend that he didn’t have to just kill the 48 to get his precious bone marrow. He legit had enough Skaikru to each have one treatment, and had he not MURDERED THEIR CHILDREN, they would have been happy to help. But his stupidity coupled with his ego got an ENTIRE SOCIETY killed.

7 / DIANA: I didn’t like her snobby attitude from the start. Then she kills Kane’s mom, which, tbh, I think made Kane a better character, but still, RUDE. Then she steals the Exodus ship- but the ONLY reason she does is so that HER NAME is in the “history books” which is like.. what even? She is a narcissistic asshole, and had the idiot adults on the Ark stopped squabbling with each other for 30 seconds, mayyyybe they could have seen through her bullshit before she nearly doomed them all to death.

holly’s picks

8 / JAHA. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to float him throughout the past three seasons. I was SO MAD when I saw that he was alive and well and still Jaha in the trailer for season 4. Now. I do think his storyline is really interesting right now, but I also would not have minded never seeing him again, tbh.

9 / ECHO.  Look, she’s definitely an intriguing villainous antagonist, but I hate her. I’m just glad she ruined any possibility of a more-than-enemies type of relationship with Bellamy, bc that would make me even more mad. I just, I don’t know. I was happier without her trying to fuck things up for Skaikru.

10 / EMERSON. For a lot of things, but mostly for the simple fact that if he’d been floated, he wouldn’t have been able to kill Sinclair. AND I LOVED SINCLAIR. HE WAS THE DAD RAVEN NEEDED. I’m still so sad about that whole episode, how predictable it had been, and how much I hated that he was still alive for revenge. UGH.

What are some characters you would like to say “go float yourself” to? Make sure you check out Holly & Shannon’s posts, too. There can never bee too much about this fandom (so keep your eyes posted for more The 100 in the future). 

  • MAN I hated that episode with Emerson. The only GOOD thing about it was that we were finally rid of him! Also I REALLY agree with Ontari and Hannah! I think with Charlotte you’re probably right because she was kind of a psychopath to even THINK about doing it- and then she was just… chill afterwards! And I am fine with floating Echo if she even THINKS about a romance with Bellamy. Otherwise, for now I’ll allow her. And I am such a fan of Jaha 2.0, he must stay 😉

    • Yes, but I’m like…where the hell is he, yanno? They just banished him, right? Yes, after it happened she made it seem like she was upset, but I think Charlotte didn’t really care. She just pissed me off. I miss Wells so much.

      Jaha is just an up and down character for me…right now I can manage to deal with him.

      • In my rewatch, I am sad about Wells too. Emerson is dead! Remember, last season, in Demons he goes back to Arkadia and tries to kill everyone while Clarke watches but then she injects him with ALIE 2.0 and he dies?

  • Greg Hill

    Riley=yup. Hannah (ugh) and Ontari (psycho) were both terrible. Sayonara.

    Bree lol where’s she been? Disappears since S1 and all of a sudden she’s back? Urgh. And I’m not a fan of Echo. Jaha I’ve HATED all along although he’s growing on me this season… which surprises even me. But yeah he could have died and I would have cheered.

    Charlotte was so out of left field, at least for me, when she did that I was like shocked! Even though it sucked for Wells I was like wow they’re not messing around on this show.

    • Ontari really just pisses me off and I am so happy she’s gone…BYE.

      Bree, yeah, it’s like okay…such a convenient factor…especially cause she looks just like Clarke. UGH.

      That’s true… I never thought of it that way. It definitely set the pace for the show and I think without that we kind of would have been bored.

  • Erica Robyn

    GREAT list! And this may be a super unpopular opinion…but I would happily see Clarke be “floated.” I don’t know what it is about her character, but I cannot stand her.

    • Yeah, Clarke has been getting on my nerves a lot lately. I mean she never has been a favorite character of mine, so theres that. But, I don’t think she’ll ever die. She adds too much to the show, which sucks. They rely on her a little too much, too.

  • Holly

    Gah, I wish Cage, Diana, and Ontari could’ve been floated. They ruined so many things and created so much destruction because of their own selfish desires. The Mt. Weather people would not have had to die. Diana wouldn’t have nearly killed EVERYONE’S chances of getting down to Earth. Skaikru would’ve been fine under anyone else’s rule that wasn’t Ontari’s. Of course, other things also wouldn’t have happened if they’d been floated, but STILL. I hated them all. (Ontari was an interesting character, though). And fucking Hannah. She manipulated Monty’s feelings to keep him on Pike’s side. I hated her for that.